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CTU welcomes Labour Party leadership on the future of work

The CTU congratulates the Labour Party for their foresight and focused attention in examining the Future of Work.

“The Future of Work Conference has been hugely successful in asking many of the big questions about what work in the future for working people in New Zealand, and internationally, may look like and the issues that will need to be addressed,” said CTU President Richard Wagstaff.

“We thank the Labour Party for its leadership and commitment in bringing innovators, business, academics and working people together to collectively plan for the future. It shows real commitment to a better New Zealand to ask these hard questions.

“The Council of Trade Unions has made it clear to the Future of Work Commission that any transition to different work patters will only be effective for working people if there is better employment law that encourages collective responses, industry policy that allows us to invest in diversying our economy and a capable state to provide social security, training and support in change.

“The voices of working people, their needs and aspirations must always be front and centre in this work as it continues,” Wagstaff said.