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Everyone should be respected at work; including migrants

Working people in New Zealand deserve the freedom to be respected and valued at work regardless of where they were born.

The significant Cartias Aotearoa New Zealand Report ‘Stand up for what’s right – supporting migrant workers’ report has revealed that work needs to be done to ensure that people who have migrated, to live and work in New Zealand, have fair and legal experiences at work.

“When new people come and live in our country we should be showing them what a good place it is to live. I am deeply disappointed by the behaviour of some employers who think that they can act outside of the law whether that be by refusing to pay the minimum wage or provide a written employment agreement,” CTU President Richard Wagstaff said.

“The recommendations that Caritas have made are clear – the government needs to be proactively monitoring employers who utilise migrant workers and ensure migrant workers are treated lawfully. Will the government step up?” Wagstaff said.