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Government’s job creation strategies need a major boost

Working people are calling on the Government to significantly up their game in job creation, following a big rise in people looking for work.

CTU Secretary Sam Huggard says working people need to see a better plan from government to create jobs.

“There is plenty more the government can be doing to help create good jobs and well paid jobs.”

“Active job creation initiatives both in government and not-for-profit sectors, better use of government procurement to support local jobs and fixing migration are all areas the government can do better on.”

“People who work for a living ought to make a good living and have a good life.  We call on National to lift its game on jobs and incomes.”

Statistics New Zealand figures out today shows unemployment has shot back up to 5.7 per cent, over 100,000 part-timers need more hours, and wages aren’t rising fast enough.

NZ Post, Fisher and Paykel and Cavalier Bremworth are among major New Zealand employers in recent weeks who have announced plans to significantly cut people.

“A year ago Treasury was forecasting unemployment would be 5.1 percent or 128,000 people – instead 144,000 are out of work,” says Huggard.

“There are a total 279,300 people who are jobless – up 11,600 compared to March 2015 – and 101,000 working part time but who need more hours to make ends meet.

“This all adds up to 380,000 people not finding the work they want.”