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Kiwi contractors need better laws at work

Working people are pleased that today politicians will be discussing the Minimum Wage (Contractor’s Remuneration) Bill.

“We are calling on political parties who care about working people, and their families, to support this fairer law,” CTU Secretary Sam Huggard said.

“If this new law is passed it will mean contractors will be a paid a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. Many self-employed people earn less than the minimum wage on an hourly basis and very low incomes overall (on average a third less salary and wage earners each year*).”

“Working people should have enough money to participate in society, sustain their families and live a good life. Having an improved law would make this more likely and society better and more equal as a result.”

“The CTU recognises David Parker for addressing issues that matter to New Zealanders in his Members Bill. We also congratulate United Future, the Māori Party, New Zealand First, the Greens and Labour for supporting the Bill. Working New Zealanders will remember those Members of Parliament who stood up for fairness,” Huggard said.


* 2013 Statistics NZ LEED data shows that a self-employed worker (with no employees and self-employment as their main income) received an average of $26,700 per year from that self-employment.  That compares to an average of $36,770 for wage and salary earners- almost a third less.