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Prime Minister must back working Kiwis

The Prime Minister needs to reassess his priorities and move urgently to stop working Kiwis losing up to a million dollars a day says CTU Secretary Sam Huggard.

The call follows the CTU’s request that the government urgently pass legislation to stop the clock on the six year limit that is writing off holiday back pay owed to working Kiwis.

“We’ve written a law that would do this, but last night John Key said legislating to stop Kiwis losing this money would take too long.”

“However less than a year ago the Government passed legislation to validate speeding tickets in just two hours, when hundreds of thousands of Kiwis are losing up to a million dollars a day, we’d have expected the same urgency.”

“This is an issue which can be fixed, but the size of the problem means it will take time. It’s important that New Zealanders don’t lose any more back pay while we work with Government and business to make things right.”

“This is a big issue for New Zealanders, in just the last 13 hours we’ve had over 1,700 people sign an open letter asking the Prime Minister to stop the clock and save Kiwis millions.”

“We’re confident the Government would have the support to pass our law if they choose to take it to the house next week,” Huggard said.


A background doc on the issue is available here.

The Together open letter to the PM is here.

CTU Holiday Leave Protection Bill is here.