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Win for working people; Government bans importation of (most) asbestos

Working people have been demanding that the Government ban the importation of cancer causing asbestos for decades. Yesterday the Government took action and banned most importation of asbestos.

“Thousands of kiwis have been killed from being exposed to asbestos. We’ve known for a long time how dangerous this material is. It is certainly a relief that the Government has finally acted,” CTU Secretary, Sam Huggard said.

“Almost 200 people die every year as result of exposure to asbestos. It can take as long as 20 years from when people are exposed to asbestos fibers to when they actually get sick, so there hasn’t been the same immediacy to address this hazard as there has been to other dangerous workplace bio-hazards,

“We are disappointed that the Government has not gone as far as they could have and banned, without any exception, all importation,

“Kiwis will be safer with less asbestos. We are pleased that the changes we have been calling for, have now been, mostly, actioned,” Huggard said.