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Official statistics out – women still paid less than men  

Information released this morning by Statistics New Zealand shows that New Zealand is getting no closer to achieving pay equality between men and women with the average female wage 13.6% less than what men receive.
In real terms this means that unless meaningful action is taken it will take over 110 years for Kiwi woman to be paid what they are worth; the same as men.
The difference between men’s and women’s average hourly wage in 2016 was $4.09. On a 40-hour week that is worth $163.60. According to that is almost the amount a woman aged 25 would need to save throughout the rest of her working life to receive a retirement income matching the median weekly wage for women.
CTU President Richard Wagstaff is calling on the National Government to show leadership on the issue. “New Zealanders value fairness and equality, we want a country where everyone is paid fairly for the work that they do.”
“Women must be paid fairly. For as long as there is a difference in pay based on gender we have a serious issue of unfairness. The Government has a duty to show leadership and take action.”
“Working women are still waiting to hear about whether Cabinet has endorsed the Equal Pay Principles which were successfully negotiated by business, representatives of working people and Government. These principles provide a mechanism to address pay unfairness and imbalance so that everyone is paid what they are worth.”