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No privatisation needed for Ports of Auckland

The New Zealand Council of Trade Unions is calling on Auckland Mayoral Candidate Wayne Brown to clarify comments he made yesterday on the Ports of Auckland.

It has been reported that Brown was open to the potential sale of shares in the Auckland Port company.

CTU Economist Craig Renney said; “Brown should be clear about what his position is with regards to the port. New Zealand is just emerging from a supply-chain crisis, and we should not be seeking to put strategic assets like the port into private ownership.

“Working people at the port deserve some certainty after years of reviews, and comments like this don’t help.”

Renney said the Ports of Auckland belongs to all Aucklanders.

“Aucklanders deserve clarity on these statements. Ports of Auckland has a crucial role to play in making sure that we are achieving our goals around coastal shipping, and the role that it can play in reducing our climate emissions. Privatisation won’t help to deliver that.

“We should also be asking why Brown needs to sell the shares. If Brown is intent on selling off Auckland’s family silver, he should come clean about what Aucklanders will get for this sale.”