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No surprise that Kiwis value our teachers and support a better deal for them

The Council of Trade Unions said today that new research published by NZEI Te Riu Roa and the PPTA that 83 percent of Kiwis think teachers need a pay rise is in line with feedback from union membership on the value of our public services and the people working in them. CTU President Richard Wagstaff said that consistent feedback over the last decade shows New Zealanders know reinvestment in our schools, hospitals and other social capital is due to keep us healthy and happy.

“New Zealanders value a society where everyone has a fair go, starting with a good education led by skilled and appropriately resourced teachers,” he said. The monetary value we place on the people who protect our social capital through their work in education, for example, has fallen over time relative to the pay of chief executives and the cost of living. It’s playing out in difficulty attracting and retaining people to the public service, like the short staffing in classrooms around the country.”

“I think we all instinctively know that in order to create a healthy and functioning society, the kind we can be proud of, we need to treat our social institutions like public education with respect. Given the strong feeling of New Zealanders about directing better support towards teachers and children, the political mandate to repair years of education underfunding is assured.”

Link to the research: