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NZ needs to sign up to international law making workplaces free from violence and harassment

A new international law to keep workplaces free from violence and harassment comes into effect on Friday 25 June.

“The International Labour Organisation (an agency of the United Nations) adopted the Violence and Harassment Convention, 2019 (190) two years ago, it comes into force on Friday, and now our country needs to ratify and implement it,” said CTU Vice President Rachel Mackintosh.

New Zealand working people, employers and the Government all supported the convention when the ILO adopted it, but the New Zealand government has not yet taken meaningful steps to implement the terms of the convention in New Zealand.

“We are calling on the government to make ratifying this convention a priority and to demonstrate the government’s commitment to doing more to ensure working people are safe.”

“It matters that New Zealand takes the formal step of ratifying the convention, because once this happens our government will be required to report to the ILO on this issue, and specifically what measures our country is taking to ensure that we can make the world of work free from harassment and violence.”

“We know that we have a problem with violence against women in New Zealand. The more work and effort that we take, to provide a culture change, the better,” Mackintosh said.