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Onya, Australia – time for New Zealand to do more to eliminate workplace violence and child labour


New Zealand should quickly follow Australia’s commitment to eliminating violence and harassment in the workplace and child labour, says the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions.

The NZCTU today congratulated the Albanese Government for ratifying two key International Labour Organisation conventions – ILO Convention No. 190 (Violence and Harassment) and ILO Convention No. 138 (Minimum Age).

“This shows real leadership, so well done Prime Minister Albanese,” said NZCTU Vice President Rachel Mackintosh.

“If it’s good enough for Australia, then it should be good enough for New Zealand – all workers in New Zealand deserve to work with dignity, free from violence and harassment in the workplace and beyond.”

Mackintosh emphasised the urgency for New Zealand to align with Australia’s commitment and take swift action to address violence and harassment and child labour.

“Australia’s ratification of these crucial ILO Conventions demonstrates real leadership in promoting safe and respectful work. We congratulate Prime Minister Albanese and urge New Zealand to follow suit.

“We will continue to advocate for stronger protections for working people, and look forward to working with the Government to ensure New Zealand aligns with international best practice, and further advances the rights of our workers.”