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Prime Minister uses “alternative facts” about Kiwis looking for work

Working people are calling on the Prime Minister to show more respect for Kiwis looking for work.

“We as a society are better than this. By completely overstating the issue of drug use by people looking for work the Prime Minister justifies the widening of immigration policies,” CTU President Richard Wagstaff said.

An official information Act request in 2016 to the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment showed that 0.6 percent of people looking for work had drugs found in their system.

Wagstaff is unequivocal on the issue of safety; “Everyone who turns up to work must be able to do their work free from any impairment. Everyone should be safe at work all of time.”

“These “alternative facts” the Prime Minister is using are destructive to the fabric of our society. Kiwis deserve better,” Wagstaff said.