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Proposed Holidays Act changes undermine workers’ entitlements

Rachel Mackintosh saying "We are deeply concerned that the proposed changes to the Holidays Act will undermine workers’ entitlements and that there appear to be no plans to engage with workers or their unions."

The NZCTU Te Kauae Kaimahi is calling on the Government to not reduce worker entitlements in their review of the Holidays Act.

“We are concerned that the proposed changes undermine the agreed position reached by unions and business under the last government,” said Acting NZCTU President Rachel Mackintosh.

“Under the guise of ‘simplicity’, the Minister seems intent on reducing hard-won entitlements that have been put in place for working people.

“Worker entitlements in the Holidays Act must be protected through this review. There appear to be no plans to engage with workers or their unions, despite them being the people who are directly impacted by this.

“We reject the idea that part-time workers should have their sick leave entitlement pro-rated. Viruses and other illnesses have no regard for hours of work.

“The proposed changes are irresponsible, and will disproportionately impact on Māori, Pasifika, women and other vulnerable workers, who are more likely to be in part-time and insecure work.

“People who are sick should be supported to stay at home and not spread sickness around workplaces.

“These changes will force more people to go into work sick, and that represents a step backwards. Ultimately, it would be worse for businesses, families and communities and our stretched health system.

“Everyone deserves good work – and that means workers should have enough leave available to look after their health and wellbeing and live a meaningful and fulfilling life,” said Mackintosh.