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Regional Skills Leadership Groups Supported

The CTU supports better planning across the country to ensure that working people are matched up with education and training which provides a clear pathway to jobs. Today’s announcement from the Government of independent Regional Skills Leadership Groups (RSLGs) forms a significant piece of the puzzle in achieving smart, future focused planning.

“This is a vital step, both for the people whose jobs have been put at risk by the COVID-19 pandemic and for working people in the future of work. Work is increasingly affected by changes in technology, globalisation and climate change. It is so important that there is a strong, affordable and effective education and training system to help working people reskill and find good jobs that match their abilities, skills and experience,” CTU Secretary, Melissa Ansell-Bridges said.

“These Regional Skills Leadership Groups which include both union and employer representatives, are an excellent step forwards. They will help ensure that education and training opportunities meet working people’s needs. Ensuring that the voices of working people are well integrated and valued within these groups will be fundamental to their success.”

“These groups need to be part of a world-class system of support for people whose jobs are threatened, including income replacement sufficient to maintain living standards if working people are made redundant. This will help Kiwis to plan their future careers and to search for jobs that match their needs. The government needs to boost the availability and quality of such initiatives, plus offer relocation assistance if needed, as well as support for retraining and education. It is also timely for people to have the right throughout their working lives to access training and education opportunities,” said Ansell-Bridges.