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Things turn sour for Cadbury employees

Today’s announcement from multinational giant Cadbury, that they will close their landmark factory in Dunedin taking away the jobs of almost 400 people, has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many.

“This is a heartbreaking decision for the employees and their families. The impact of this choice will have tidal waves of consequence, which will be deeply felt by the local community,” CTU Secretary, Sam Huggard said.

“Working people and their unions are looking for leadership from both the local Dunedin City Council, the local Members of Parliament and from Government. When huge profit driven companies abandon communities in favour of being able to make more money elsewhere the system is clearly broken. People must come before profit.”

“New Zealanders need more opportunities to find work. The Government needs to have a clear strategy and plan to create more high quality jobs for Kiwis,” Huggard said.