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Time for Wellington Regional Council to show their real colours on Tranzit

Council of Trade Unions President Richard Wagstaff told the Greater Wellington Regional Council today that it was time to show voters and ratepayers what they were made of by releasing the terms of contract negotiated with bus operator Tranzit.

“This Council and its Chair have repeatedly told citizens that decent employment provisions and quality services would be protected under the new bus contract with Tranzit. But this company has dragged its feet on negotiating a collective agreement and on honouring employment provisions from the old providers,” Mr Wagstaff said.

“We are frankly putting this vital public service at risk, even though our city is so dependent on public transport, because the new operator is acting in such a murky and aggressive manner towards drivers who are now out of work. Meanwhile, they have put people on individual agreements that are worse than the terms and conditions they held under the last provider – despite the Council Chair publicly reassuring us this would not happen.”

“The rubber hits the road today. This is a public contract for public services, paid for with the public’s money. If the Council really is a competent and transparent manager, it will release exactly what it has and hasn’t required of Tranzit in taking over Wellington’s bus services. Then it will be clear to Tranzit what kind of employer the Council expects them to be – and to voters what kind of Council they’ve got when it comes to working people’s rights.”

Tranzit begins running services in the Hutt Valley from the 17th of June, and Wellington from the 15th of July.

Link to audio of Chris Laidlaw, Chair of GWRC one year ago today assuring the council would protect working conditions in the tender.

Link to letter of concern from Richard Wagstaff to GWRC

Link to letter in response from Tranzit

Link to agreement to bargain between Tranzit and Tramways Union