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Two percent won’t pay the rent – unions backing learning support specialists

Council of Trade Unions Secretary Sam Huggard said that it was disappointing that NZEI Te Riu Roa learning support specialists directly employed by the Ministry of Education had to take industrial action today to get a decent pay offer.

“No education sector professional wants to take industrial action to get a decent pay deal,” Mr Huggard said. “However, two percent a year is not an appropriate offer given the cost pressures working people are facing.”

“These specialist positions are already over-worked, with a huge increase in children needing extra support coupled with a historical shortage of specialist positions and funding. This Government has increased the funding available, but a two percent increase won’t attract nearly enough new learning support specialists to the profession, in what can be intense and challenging roles.”

“New Zealand has been built on the value of every one of us getting the chance to achieve to their full potential. Learning support specialists are critical for Kiwi kids to succeed, and their skills deserve better recognition by the Ministry. We fully support the industrial action they are taking today to secure more learning support staff for our kids, and a better pay deal.”