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Union movement releases COVID-19 vaccination policy

The New Zealand Council of Trade Unions Te Kauae Kaimahi has today publically released its COVID-19 vaccination policy.

CTU President Richard Wagstaff, “We are encouraging employers to do the right thing and support the team of 5 million, including all working New Zealanders, to get fully vaccinated.”

“The union movement is proudly encouraging everyone, who can, to get vaccinated. Vaccinations are a collective action; they work best when we all get them.”

“Employers need to be doing everything they can to support people and make it as easy as possible for employees to get vaccinated. In practical terms this means being able to get vaccinated in paid work time.”

“Providing accurate and clear information in the workplace is another practical thing employers can do. This includes having a zero tolerance approach to misinformation spread with intent to scare and anger people.”

“The goal is that people want to get vaccinated because they understand the benefits to themselves and the people they love. But if people don’t want to get vaccinated then their employer must not be able to force them. If someone is in a role which does require them to be fully vaccinated, then it is our recommendation that the worker be redeployed into a different role within the organisation as negotiated with the individual and their union.”

“Working people on our frontlines have lead the way in getting vaccinated – now it’s time for everyone else to get vaccinated, together we’re strongest,” Wagstaff said.