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Union seeks injunction against unlawful lockout by NZ Bus

The Tramways Union has filed proceedings in the Employment Court seeking an urgent injunction against NZ Bus for putting in place an unlawful indefinite lockout against Wellington bus drivers.

This is in response to NZ Bus notifying Wellington bus drivers yesterday that they will be locked out from their jobs unless the drivers agree to cut their terms and conditions of employment and accept an inferior employment agreement.

“This lockout has offended the sensibilities of the public, threatened the livelihoods of the bus drivers and is now likely to be found in breach of New Zealand employment law,” said CTU President Richard Wagstaff.

“NZ Bus, and their owners Australian company Next Capital, have shown themselves to be quite out of touch with the way we conduct business in New Zealand. They need to learn to show some respect towards the people who keep our city running, to the public of Wellington and to the notion of good faith.”

“While they’ve shown themselves to be deaf to the needs of their own people and to reason, perhaps they’ll listen to the employment court,” Wagstaff said. 

The hearing is set down for 10.30 am tomorrow morning (Saturday 24 April).