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Unions back Labour Party Congress policies that support workers

The New Zealand Council of Trade Unions strongly supports the policies announced at the Labour Party Congress, aimed at securing a better future for working people and their whānau.

The NZCTU stands firmly behind the decision to keep the superannuation age at 65 and applauds the commitment to making the apprenticeship scheme permanent.

NZCTU National Secretary Melissa Ansell-Bridges said the measures demonstrate the Labour Party’s dedication to the wellbeing and prosperity of all New Zealanders.

“By keeping superannuation at 65, we are ensuring a secure retirement for our hardworking New Zealanders. Making the apprenticeship scheme permanent reflects Labour’s consistent support to providing opportunities for skills development and ensuring a prosperous future for our workforce.

“The policies highlight the values shared by the Labour Party and stand in stark contrast to the values favoured by other parties.

“We know National and ACT stand for big cuts to public services, lifting the age of national superannuation, the axing of Fair Pay Agreements and the weakening of action on climate change – all impact the wellbeing of working New Zealanders.

“Now we have property investors promising to sell their surplus houses if there isn’t a change of government. We see freeing up of the housing stock, and the advantage this gives to first home buyers, as a very good thing.”

Ansell-Bridges said the upcoming election presented a critical choice for voters.

“We have the opportunity to choose a path that clearly prioritises the needs of ordinary New Zealanders, fostering economic growth that is fair for all.”