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Unions: Better resourcing of WorkSafe – a lesson from Whakaari

The Ministry for Business innovation and Employment (MBIE) has today released its targeted review of adventure activities regulations. This review was conducted as a direct result of the Whakaari disaster.

CTU President Richard Wagstaff comments, “One of the key findings of the review was that ‘WorkSafe prioritised other sectors with high work-related harm over adventure activities, and should take a greater leadership role in the adventure activities sector’. We support WorkSafe showing more leadership across all workplaces, including the adventure activities sector. Improved leadership is going to require more resourcing. It would be completely unacceptable for WorkSafe to take resourcing away from one area, specifically sectors with high work related harm, in order to put the appropriate level of resourcing into adventure activities. This is simply robbing Peter to pay Paul and is inacceptable.”

“We need workplaces to be safer so that working Kiwis know they’ll be able to return home safe at the end of their work day. WorkSafe is an important part of the equation in ensuring safe workplaces. In practical terms this means having more labour inspectors on the ground. The government must invest in WorkSafe and it must do so quickly,” Wagstaff said.