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Unions call for acknowledgment of essential workers on Labour Day

The CTU President has drawn attention to the importance of essential workers on Labour Day.

CTU President Richard Wagstaff says “Labour Day is a time to reflect on the efforts of all working people. In 2020, more than ever, we can all see how critical the work of essential workers has been in keeping us safe from the pandemic”.

“Essential workers have ensured our essential needs are met, whether by supermarket workers, health workers, transport workers, public servants or security guards. They’ve kept going throughout the different levels of the pandemic and done us all so proud.”

“We owe essential workers a debt of gratitude and, with the election of a labour led government, I expect we can better demonstrate the true value of these working people with the introduction of Fair Pay Agreements. We also recognise that there are still many working people on the border and in our health system fighting COVID and keeping up this valuable work so that we can all be safe,” Wagstaff said.