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Unions call for urgent Government action to ensure working people are well at work

The Council of Trade Unions is calling on the Government to act with urgency to ensure that when working people are sick, or advised to self-isolate, they are able to stay home without financial loss.

“The Government needs to urgently extend the COVID Leave Scheme so that all working people who are advised to self-isolate are financially supported while they wait for COVID test results. If this isn’t possible, then we need to see minimum sick leave entitlements increased to 10 days before the Christmas and New Year Holiday break,” said CTU President Richard Wagstaff.

“We have done so well as a team of 5 million in keeping each other safe and well from COVID-19. As we go into the summer months when people are travelling, dining out, socialising with extended family and friends, a period when the hospitality industry is extremely busy, it becomes especially important that anyone who is unwell is able to stay home from work.”

“The Government has already committed to this improvement working people in union successfully campaigned for. Now its time for the Government to move swiftly,” Wagstaff said.