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Unions happy with Greens support for 10 days sick leave

The Council of Trade Unions is happy that the Green Party is supporting 10 days paid sick leave for all working Kiwis.

“We have been campaigning for safer sick leave, and the Greens have listened to voices of thousands of working Kiwis,” CTU President Richard Wagstaff said.

“Increasing the legal minimum from 5 days to 10 years a year is a basic issue of safety. COVID-19 has really focused all our minds on the importance of staying home when you are sick. But the current reality of a legal minimum of 5 days sick leave is unrealistic in achieving the goal of people staying away from work if they are unwell.”

“Lots of working people have better than the legal minimum sick leave entitlement – often union members have achieved better through collective bargaining.”

“We look forward to hearing from all political parties that they also support safer sick leave with an increase to 10 days paid sick leave for all working people,” Wagstaff said.