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Unions stand in solidarity with dancers

The New Zealand Council of Trade Unions stands with the 19 dancers fired from Calendar Girls for requesting better contracts.

NZCTU National Secretary Melissa Ansell-Bridges said all Calendar Girls staff had a right to better working conditions.

“All working people deserve to be treated fairly in their workplace. They also have a right to improve their conditions through collective action.

“It’s wrong that these workers have lost their jobs because they came together to speak up for themselves.

“This really underlines the vulnerability of many contractors and demonstrates the urgency of reform.

“We’re waiting for the Government’s response to the recommendations from the Working Group on Better Protections for Contractors and urge the Government to take action soon.”

Ansell-Bridges said the social stigma surrounding dancers was outdated.

“If this had happened in another industry, the uproar would be massive.

“The stigma around the dancing industry ends up marginalising an entire workforce. Marginalised workers are particularly vulnerable to exploitation, and in turn, their workplaces often escape scrutiny.

“Everyone in New Zealand deserves a decent workplace, and this case highlights the leadership the Government must show to protect all workforces.”