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Unions support Greens policy announcement to help make Aotearoa fairer

The Council of Trade Unions is supporting the Green Party’s announcement today of a Poverty Action Plan.

“We can create the New Zealand we dream of. A place which is fairer for all, ensuring that those with the least have more income and an improved quality of life,” CTU Secretary Melissa Ansell-Bridges said.

“Regardless of whether people are in paid work or not everyone should have a quality of life which allows them, and their whanau, to meet their needs of housing, food, and other essentials. No New Zealander should be living in poverty. All New Zealanders should have security of the fundamental basics.”

“Increasing the minimum wage is about valuing our lowest paid workers, and making our society better and fairer.”

“One of the many lessons COVID-19 has taught us, is the speed with which people transition in and out of work. The nature of work continues to change. We need to create structural safeguards for everyone which allows people to have security of life and income regardless of employment,” said Ansell-Bridges.