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New Zealand Writers Guild



Contact: 09 360 1408 | 525 Rosebank Road, Avondale, Auckland 1026

NZWG, founded in 1976, is the professional membership association and registered trade union of scriptwriters in Aotearoa. Representing screenwriters in film, television, new media, and gaming. Established to improve minimum conditions of work and rates of compensation for writers. NZWG is the voice of New Zealand screenwriters.

Which industries/sectors are covered?

  • Screen, Film, Television, Theatre, New Media, Gaming, Theatre

Membership info

The primary objective of NZWG is to establish and enhance the minimum working conditions and compensation rates for writers. Over the decades, NZWG has achieved significant milestones in supporting writers.

In the early 1980s, NZWG played a pivotal role in initiating and negotiating the Theatre Writers agreement. In the early 2000s, NZWG successfully negotiated the NZWG Model Contract with the Screen Production and Development Association (SPADA). These accomplishments have contributed to improving the rights, working conditions, Status of the Artist, and sustainability of scriptwriters in New Zealand.

Currently, one of the major focuses of NZWG is on re-establishing collective bargaining for workers in the screen sector through the implementation of the Screen Industry Workers Act (SIWA 2022). By doing so, NZWG aims to strengthen the position of screenwriters and advocate for their rights in the evolving landscape of the industry.

NZWG supports and promotes the screen industry in Aotearoa New Zealand, through the following objectives:

  1. NZWG’s commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi: NZWG’s adherence to the spirit and principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi in building and maintaining stakeholder relationships to generate excellence in partnerships. NZWG recognise the importance of honouring the principles of the Te Tiriti in our work and relationships within the industry.
  2. Establishing and enhancing working conditions and compensation rates: NZWG’s primary objective of establishing and enhancing minimum working conditions and compensation rates for writers, ensuring sustained and strengthened economic growth for the screen industry. By advocating for fair working conditions and compensation for the ideas generators, NZWG ensures a sustainable base for a thriving screen industry.
  3. Collective bargaining and the Screen Industry Workers Act (SIWA): NZWG’s focus on re-establishing collective bargaining for workers in the screen sector through the implementation of SIWA. Facilitating dynamic pathways for outstanding people, projects, and businesses. By advocating for the rights of screenwriters and strengthening their position in the industry, NZWG contributes to creating opportunities and pathways for outstanding individuals in the screen industry.

NZWG boasts over 470 members, ranging from students through to professional script writers. ​NZWG screenwriters cannot be categorised as one homogenous group; they are communities of talented workers who live all over Aotearoa. They are a mix of ages, backgrounds, and experience levels – from students and emerging through to experienced career professionals whose living is made on the creation of ideas inked onto pages. These screenwriters’ ideas are formed in many ways, from pure imagination, to lived experiences and inspiration from many other sources. The NZWG Membership framework helps to assist members grow, allowing for writers to join as Associates or Students and work their way up to one of our full Membership levels of C through to A+.

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Membership benefits

NZWG Members receive:

  • free advice on contracts within the screen industry
  • advice on recommended rates of pay for screenwriters
  • monthly e-bulletin via email
  • access to the NZWG library
  • reduced rates on script registration
  • access to a script reader (assessment) service
  • member rates to workshops and discounts to other industry events.

Your membership card will also entitle you to a variety of discounts with bookstores, theatres, film festivals and lots more.

See Member Benefits ​NZWG Member Benefits: Discounters – found on our website

Cost of membership

NZWG is a tiered system based on Writing Credits and Writing Earnings.

We have levels of membership to cover students through to full time writing professionals, follows:

  • Full A+
  • Full A
  • Full B
  • Full C
  • Long Service Associate Associate (unwaged)
  • Associate (student)
  • NZWG also offer group packages for recognised tertiary organisations to provide to screenwriting students on those courses.
  • Memberships range from $115 – $425 per annum.

Leadership people info

NZWG is governed by an annually elected volunteer Board.

The Board is reflective of the diverse broad church of writers within the screenwriting communities of Aotearoa New Zealand.

NZWG has one full time Executive Director and 1 part time Membership Manager.

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