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Vector spot-on to adopt the Living Wage

The announcement that Auckland electricity and gas provider Vector has become a fully-accredited Living Wage employer is a landmark move says Council of Trade Unions President Richard Wagstaff.

“While local authorities have received the most attention, initial support for the Living Wage in the private sector has come from small employers. So it is brilliant to see a large business showing the same kind of innovation and leadership. This proves size is no excuse for indifference to the effect of work on their staff’s lives.”

Vector has 800 directly employed staff and more than 1000 contractors.

“Vector CE Simon Mackenzie’s reasoning, that it is the right thing to do, is spot on – now everyone in the corporate sector should take a moment to consider if they are aiming at the right target. Hopefully Vector’s actions will make that question a little more pressing,” says Wagstaff.