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Victims’ Protection Law shows the difference this Government can make for women

The Council of Trade Unions Secretary Sam Huggard congratulated Green MP Jan Logie and the Government parties today for their persistence in passing her Domestic Violence Victims’ Protection Bill into law.

“If we had a National Government in power right now, domestic violence survivors would not be receiving the support this law will provide for them to stay in paid work and find a pathway out of violence and abuse,” he said.

“Jan’s persistence getting this law all the way through the legislative process, despite an out-of-step opposition, has been commendable and it’s no wonder the Bill has attracted huge public support. People in paid work who are experiencing domestic violence will soon have real tools available to them to hold on to their economic lifelines despite the abuse, and get the support and safety services they need.

“Domestic violence is a workplace issue, because it impacts heavily on people’s working lives, and sometimes, a paid work environment is the only place a person suffering from domestic violence can be safe.

“Unions will be eager to help workplaces and working people put this law into practice as soon as we possibly can. We can begin the groundwork of updating workplace policies and practices now in preparation for the implementation date of April next year – but there’s no reason for businesses to wait until then either. Thanks to the cross-party support and all the community and business groups who worked on this law, we are confident we can immediately make a real difference to the lives of domestic violence survivors in a very practical way.”