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Wellbeing Survey shows Fair Pay Agreements are part of the solution

Stats NZ has today released its latest findings to Wellbeing of New Zealanders, Well-being Statistics: 2018. The facts are clear; working Kiwis need to be paid more to make ends meet.

CTU President, Richard Wagstaff comments,”Kiwis are clearly expressing that incomes are too low. It is not good enough that almost a third, 33%, of working Kiwis identify that they have ‘not enough’ or ‘only just enough’ income to meet their everyday needs. This is not financial wellbeing, this is financial struggle.”

“All working Kiwis should be paid a wage they can live on, a wage that allows them to look after family, participate in community and thrive on. This is what healthy wellbeing looks like. Fair Pay Agreements are desperately needed to lift the wages of some of those on the lowest incomes. The government must act to introduce Fair Pay Agreements if it wants to truly make a difference in their financial wellbeing,” Wagstaff said.