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Workers Memorial Day – too many Kiwis are being killed at work

In the last two weeks seven New Zealanders went to work and never came home. They were killed at work. This Workers Memorial Day, April 28th, we remember them and other working people who were killed at work.

“We must do better. All Kiwis should be confident that when they leave home they’ll be able to return home alive and well,” CTU President Richard Wagstaff said.

“No one should ever have to sacrifice their life for their livelihood.”

“New health and safety law has been in place for over a year now. It is deeply concerning that we still haven’t seen a significant improvement in the numbers of people being killed and seriously harmed at work.”

“Last year just over 24,000* people had to be away from work for more than a week due to injuries they sustained at work. We can change this. It is possible for working people to be safe at work. Employers have a responsibility to show leadership and listen to those around them. Research shows that the best people to identify workplace hazards are the people doing the work – but their voices have to heard,” Wagstaff said.

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