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Working people continue to help economy thrive

Low unemployment and strong wage growth in the December quarter 2022 Household Labour Force Survey are further evidence of New Zealand’s robust recovery from the pandemic, says the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions.

NZCTU President Richard Wagstaff said the economy remained in a very strong position, with unemployment still near historic lows, at 3.4% – up 0.1% from the September 2022 quarter.

“The data speaks for itself. We now need to ensure that all Kiwis see their real wages rise. It’s essential that we preserve New Zealand’s historically low rate of unemployment. These bread-and-butter issues should be front of mind for policy makers for 2023.”

Wagstaff said it was important that public sector wages rose to match the salary and wage growth seen in the private sector.

Underutilisation was also slightly up, with around 100,000 Kiwis under-employed.

He said this showed there was still spare capacity in the labour market.

“We need to ensure that all Kiwis can work the hours they require.”