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Working people support better laws around domestic violence

Today, Green MP Jan Logie has had a proposed law drawn from the ballot which, if supported by other political parties, will make a real difference to the lives of people who are experiencing domestic violence.

“The law needs to be changed. We need a fairer law for working people, mainly women, who are experiencing domestic violence. Jan Logie’s Bill achieves this for all Kiwis,” said CTU Secretary Sam Huggard.

“Having access to paid leave from work when working people are experiencing domestic violence means that people won’t be dependent on the kind of employer they have. This suggested law provides for 10 days of paid leave to help people when they are their most vulnerable.”

“The 10 days of paid leave in any calendar year could be used for medical appointments, legal proceedings and other activities related to family violence. Already provision for paid leave exists in some collective agreements, but for working people without access to collective organisation in union, there needs to be a minimum legal right also.”

“As a nation we are growing in our commitment to addressing and reducing our appalling rates of domestic violence. This law change is part of the solution,” Huggard said.