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Workplace Injury Advocay Service – About Us

The Workplace Injury Advocacy Service has been providing effective, phone-based advocacy since 2005.

We are union-based with particular expertise in work-related injuries and issues. However, our service is available to all ACC clients and people from all backgrounds.

We are independent and very much focused on the interests and well-being of our clients.

We recognise that people come to us with a unique set of circumstances and needs, and we’ll work to understand and then tailor our actions to meet those needs.

Sometimes, this is simply about helping to identify the issues and providing advice; at other times it may require more active support and advocacy around a dispute. We strive to resolve issues for our clients at the earliest possible stage.

We don’t undertake formal reviews, but are able to advise about the review process and on how to find representation. Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to help our clients resolve their dispute without the need for a review. 

Our skilled advocates draw on collective backgrounds in ACC advocacy, union work, ACC case management and adult education roles.

As a union based service, our work is underpinned by a desire to improve health and safety and reduce injury for all workers.