The CTU is committed to action on pay and employment equity on all fronts: political, industrial and campaigning. Unions are not alone in calling for pay and employment equity and the CTU and CTU unions are part of the Pay and Employment Equity Coalition.
At least 30% of New Zealand’s workers – over 635,000 people – are in insecure work. We believe it may well cover 50% of the workforce. 95,000 workers have no usual work time, 61,000 workers have no written employment agreement, 573,000 workers earn less than the Living Wage and almost a quarter of a million Kiwi workers say they have experienced discrimination, harassment or bullying at work. 
As the gap between the rich and the poor grows in New Zealand and poverty increases, more and more New Zealanders don't get paid enough to meet their needs, enjoy their lives and participate in society.

What's New...

  • New Easter trading laws bad for families

    “Today the National Government voted to make regional authorities responsible for deciding whether people get to spend time with the families on Easter Sunday or not. This was a bad decision by the National Government,” CTU Secretary Sam Huggard said.

    5 days 12 hours ago
  • Kiwi contractors need better laws at work

    Working people are pleased that today politicians will be discussing the Minimum Wage (Contractor’s Remuneration) Bill.

    “We are calling on political parties who care about working people, and their families, to support this fairer law,” CTU Secretary Sam Huggard said.

    6 days 14 hours ago
  • Crowdsourced advert highlights Kiwis’ AFFCO concerns

    Hundreds of concerned New Zealanders have come together to fund a full page advertisement in the Nelson Mail today to tell Sir Peter Talley to negotiate fairly with people who work at Talley’s-owned meat processor AFFCO.

    The public message is the result of crowd-funding by Together - the digital campaigns arm of New Zealand's union movement.

    1 week 20 hours ago
  • The Government must do more to get Kiwis in work

    "There is plenty that needs doing that could put more Kiwis in work. But figures out today show that there are still too many Kiwis out of work,” says CTU Economist Bill Rosenberg. In the June quarter official unemployment was 5.1 percent or 131,000 people, barely changed from 5.2 percent three months before.

    1 week 1 day ago
  • Easter Sunday should be for families, not commerce

    The Council of Trade Unions is backing the call of two former All Blacks to protect family time at Easter.

    A government bill, which will make it easier for shops to open on Easter Sunday, is due back before Parliament this week for its third and final reading.

    1 week 1 day ago