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Health and Safety Training Information

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UPDATE:  Click here for updates on WorksafeRep 2016 Training Options.


Worksafereps has been delivering health and safety representative training since 2003, and is currently the largest provider of this training in New Zealand. 

We have developed a three-stage training programme and all three courses have been approved under part 19G (1) and 46A of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992.

We have worked with employers and trained workers from across New Zealand in a wide range of industries, working extensively in both metropolitan and provincial centres.

Worksafereps training offers the following advantages:

  • a nationwide network of professional trainers covering the length and breadth of New Zealand
  • proven success achieving excellent outcomes across all three levels of training
  • the ability to consolidate learning through workplace union networks and onsite support
  • existing close working relationship with ACC and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, as the prime government agencies in this area
  • an understanding of the importance of excellence in health and safety practice in the context of needing to build modern competitive workplaces with a commitment to workplace and workforce development.

For further information about the courses we offer download a copy of the course outline below.


REGISTER AS H&S REP: To register your expression of interest (EOI) - Everyone who wants to attend a course needs to fill out the EOI form - please click here.  

As well as your own details you also need to provide information about your employer including contact details, their ACC number and their Employer's ACC Classification Unit Code (C U Number).

For some help finding your employer's ACC details - please click here

To find out the location and dates for upcoming training courses - please click here.

We can offer in-house training on a cost recovery basis. Please contact Helen Mulholland at

To see more information about the costing structure for Worksafereps H&S rep training - please click here

For more details please contact one of our Regional Health and Safety Training Coordinators.