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Developing Workplace Leaders

developing workplace leaders

A course for organisers and lead organisers on learning how to develop the skills of their workplace leaders through purpose driven one-to-one meetings and conversations.

From defining ‘leadership’ all the way through to designing a development plan for your workplace leaders, this course will explore effective development methods to ensure workers can reach their potential and build power in the workplace. The first two days of this workshop are kanohi ki te kanohi, with a short gap to the third day which is facilitated via Zoom.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the course participants will be able to:

  • Explore & utilise the three stages of leadership development
  • Define leadership characteristics & be able to differentiate between an activist and a leader
  • Identify and assess potential workplace leaders
  • Recognise and identify different learning styles
  • List, explain and utilise the 6 steps of the learning agenda
  • Learn how to break a task down into smaller development activities
  • Apply a SKAB (BASK) analysis to identify a leader’s strengths and learning needs
  • Identify common barriers to learning and consider alternative approaches
  • Explain the different learning methods for developing skills, as well as select appropriate learning methods for a particular task
  • Describe the role & purpose of briefing, debriefing, recognition, follow-up, and reflection within the learning process
  • Construct a plan for the development of workplace leaders

NOTE: This workshop is the third of three courses in the CTU’s development pathway, with the other two programmes being (1) Organising Foundations and (2) Organising Conversations.

Course Dates


  • 18-19 June (Auckland); 9 July (Follow-up day)
  • 2-3 July (Wellington); 25 July (Follow-up day)
  • 30-31 July (Christchurch); 15 August (Follow-up day)
  • 26-27 November (Auckland); 11 December (Follow-up day)

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