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Organising Conversations

A comprehensive and practical three-day workshop for organisers and senior, experienced delegates.

This course covers the skills and techniques for communicating effectively with working people to motivate/shift them – to join a union, become a workplace leader, or to take action. The first two days of this workshop are kanohi ki te kanohi, with a short gap to the third day which is facilitated via Zoom.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the course participants will be able to:

  • List the three key concepts underpinning the organising conversation framework
  • List the 6 parts of an organising conversation
  • Describe and demonstrate how to actively listen
  • Utilise strategic open and closed questions in a pressure environment
  • Explain the 70/30 rule of conversations
  • Use questions to build rapport and explore issues that workers feel strongly about
  • Draft and implement communication methods that motivate people to act
  • Tell a story about workers winning through organising
  • Project a positive vision for working people
  • Explain the plan to win for their union
  • Close out the conversation with confidence
  • Demonstrate the organising conversation in pairs and small groups
  • Actively observe an organising conversation and provide constructive feedback
  • Explain why working people often object to change
  • Understand where objections come from and how to move past them
  • Feel more confident about the organising conversation framework
  • Hold competent and confident organising conversations.

Course dates


  • 9-10 April (Auckland); 2 May (Follow-up day)
  • 30 April-1 May (Wellington); 15 May (Follow-up day)
  • 21-22 May (Christchurch); 6 June (Follow-up day)
  • 24-25 September (Auckland); 17 October (Follow-up day)
  • 30-31 October (Wellington; 14 November (Follow-up day)

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