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Organising Foundations

A comprehensive three-day workshop for organisers and senior experienced delegates

Aimed at broadly developing the skills, knowledge and understanding for effective organising of working people for building and strengthening our unions. The first two days of this workshop are kanohi ki te kanohi, with a short gap to the third day, which is facilitated via Zoom.

Learning Outcomes

  • Topics covered in the course include:
  • Our union history and future challenges
  • Organising Methodologies – taking a systematic approach to organising companies
  • Being strategic and being tactical
  • Planning skills and knowledge
  • Research to inform our organising
  • Mapping and other analysis tools

Course Dates


  • 19-20 February (Auckland); 7 March (Follow-up day)
  • 5-6 March (Wellington); 21 March (Follow-up day)
  • 19-20 March (Christchurch); 4 April (Follow-up day)
  • 13-14 August (Auckland); 29 August (Follow-up day)
  • 27-28 August (Wellington); 12 September (Follow-up day)


  • 18-19 February (Auckland); 6 March (Follow-up day)
  • 4-5 March (Wellington); 19 March (Follow-up day)
  • 25-26 March (Christchurch)

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