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Employment Relations

Midwives, like all working women, deserve fair pay

New Zealand working women are building momentum in their call for fair pay.

“It is wonderful to see another group of working women, this time midwives, using their collective voice to turn up the volume on the need for their incredibly important work, to be fairly paid by the Government,” said CTU Secretary Sam Huggard. 

Green Party’s plan to boost manufacturing a winner

Today’s announcement from the Green Party to boost manufacturing in New Zealand is supported by working people.

“Increasing and improving manufacturing in New Zealand is a specific way to create more quality jobs which is crucial,” CTU President, Richard Wagstaff said.

Civil Aviation needs to reconsider aggressive behaviour

Civil Aviation needs to reconsider aggressive behaviour “Good employers do not prevent those they employee from coming to work. This is exactly what Civil Aviation is intending on doing by “locking out” people who have joined together in union to achieve better terms and conditions at work,” says CTU President Richard Wagstaff.

Pay the job not the gender

There is an increasing appetite to deal to the persistent gender pay gap, the Council of Trade Unions said today.

The New Zealand Income Survey, out today, shows that average hourly pay rates for women are still 14 percent lower than for men.