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Media Releases

Labour’s plan to boost skills development refreshing

The future of work needs to be one where working people have good, satisfying jobs with decent incomes, and Labour’s announcements today on boosting skills are welcome, the CTU said today.

Green Party’s plan to boost manufacturing a winner

Today’s announcement from the Green Party to boost manufacturing in New Zealand is supported by working people.

“Increasing and improving manufacturing in New Zealand is a specific way to create more quality jobs which is crucial,” CTU President, Richard Wagstaff said.

Prime Minister must back working Kiwis

The Prime Minister needs to reassess his priorities and move urgently to stop working Kiwis losing up to a million dollars a day says CTU Secretary Sam Huggard.

The call follows the CTU’s request that the government urgently pass legislation to stop the clock on the six year limit that is writing off holiday back pay owed to working Kiwis.

Holidays Act underpayment of up to 750,000 workers raised on international stage

CTU President Richard Wagstaff addressed the International Labour Organisation (the United Nations agency for work and employment) on Tuesday to focus global attention on the New Zealand government’s failure to protect working people in the face of the massive payroll systems failure that has left as many as three quarters of a million working New Zealanders out of pocket.